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X-Banking platform

The best solution for buying, selling, saving and converting digital assets.

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Our main goal is to make cryptocurrencies accessible and simple for everyone.

Platform - cryptobank for everybody

That's why we developed X-Banking, a cryptobanking platform that allows users to perform various operations with their cryptoassets easily.

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  • Bitcoin

  • Tether

  • TRON

  • Ethereum

  • Solana

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • XRP

  • USD Coin

  • Maker

X-Banking makes complex actions simple!

Our platform offers maximum functionality that allows you to use X-Banking for the following types of operations:


Quick and easy! Carry out cryptocurrency transactions in a few clicks


Transfer cryptocurrency assets to any cryptowallet or cash out to Visa and Mastercard cards


Choose and simultaneously exchange cryptocurrencies on the platform

Smart trading

Use our NFT Market Place as well as Crypto Market to buy digital assets at the best prices

Top up

Top up your account from any cryptowallet

P2P Service

Convenient and fast exchange between users with a guarantee from the platform

Advantages of X-Banking


Keep your digital assets on a safe platform and have instant access to your assets at any time

Global reach

The platform and all its services are available almost from any place worldwide

24/7 support

Our technical support experts are always online and ready to answer your questions quickly at any time

Excellent user experience

All necessary operations on a single platform! Use AI forecasts and do not miss any market opportunity.

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X-Banking card - Soon

Make payments worldwide using a virtual and a physical card with the function of contactless payments and Apple and Google Pay.

  • Branded physical card
  • Virtual card issued on the same day
  • Clear visualization of income and expenses

X-Banking on your phone!

We have optimized the web version of the site for your mobile device.

Perform all the necessary operations in a few clicks, track the current cost of popular cryptocurrencies, buy and sell crypto assets using your trading signals inside your personal account.

Do you have your own token?

We are ready to cooperate! X-Banking offers token owners favorable conditions of listing their tokens on the platform.

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X products

Inspired by the best examples of digital companies, we created our own ecosystem, where each user can fulfill their needs in the area of education, finance, purchase of certain goods and club networking on a single platform backed by blockchain technologies.

An e-commerce platform responsible for generating income from financial instruments included in the portfolio collected by the company's founders.

Coming soon

The School of Mind is an educational project aimed at increasing financial literacy and all-round development of our partners.

Coming soon

A marketplace where you can buy anything you need, from perfume to apparels of our own X branded clothing. Making payments is easy with the in-house coin DNC!

Coming soon

Frequently asked questions

We prepared a list of frequently asked questions for you. You can quickly learn the functionality of the platform.

  • What is X-Banking?

    X-Banking is a cryptobank, a multi-currency platform and a free online wallet for such cryptocurrencies as: DNC, RZM, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, USDC, etc.

  • How one can start using X-Banking?

    First, you need to sign up with the platform. It is very easy to accomplish in a few clicks: enter your phone number, create a password, enter the confirmation code from the SMS and enter your email.

    Then create a pin code to sign in to the application and top up your account.

  • Are users required to verify their identity on the platform?

    X-Banking makes working with digital assets easy. Of course, we are required to verify identity of the user to ensure that their transactions are not related to any unlawful activity. For this purpose, we need to know a bit more information about you. Depending on the functionality you want to use on X-Banking platform, you will have to undergo the KYC verification procedure.

  • How to top up a cryptowallet on X-Banking platform?

    In order to top up a wallet, use the "Top Up" function and select a cryptoasset. Then share the address of your wallet or a QR code with your address. Click Share.

  • How to buy cryptocurrency using a bank card via X-Banking?

    If you want to buy cryptocurrency assets using your bank card, you have to authorize it in the application beforehand. Then use the "Buy Cryptocurrency" function. After that, select a card and a cryptocurrency. Specify the amount either in EUR on in the cryptocurrency. The system will automatically show you the applicable network charges. Click Buy.

  • How to exchange cryptocurrencies on X-Banking platform?

    To convert your cryptoasset to another asset, use the "Exchange" function. After that, select the desired cryptocurrency pair. Click Exchange.

  • How to send and cash out cryptocurrency from X-Banking platform?

    In order to transfer your cryptoassets to a third party cryptowallet, use the "Send" function. After that, select the cryptocurrency you want to transfer, enter the address of the wallet to which you want to transfer the asset and enter the exact amount. The system will automatically show you the applicable network charges. Click Transfer.

    If you want to withdraw assets to a bank card, you have to authorize the card in the application beforehand. Then use the "Cash out" function. After that, choose a cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw and a card for depositing the amount. The system will automatically show you the applicable network charges. Click Get.

    Learn more about charges and commissions here